Mold Remediation

Why is mold such a big problem? Because it can case serious health issues. There are numerous types of mold, and not all molds are toxic, but all can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems. More dangerous molds can lead to brain damage, cancer, and even death! Mold can make your home or commercial property unsafe, so it’s important to get it cleaned up ASAP.
Our certified inspectors can determine whether a mold problem exists in your home. Inspections uncover moisture intrusions that can lead to mold growth if left unattended. A testing scenario is formed by the inspector after visual inspection of the property. Inspectors can carefully explain the problem, and recommend ways to correct it.

We are certified mold detectives and remediators. However, we do not test. That is something that needs to be done independently, as we feel that it is a conflict of interest. We can detect mold – so can you. Mold remediation services (thru MAS Labs) can be performed if required.

Mold Remediation Services

HEPA Vaccing
A HEPA vacuum is very useful for removing mold spores from contaminated surfaces.

Air Scrubbing
An air scrubber is a device that is used to remove particles and gases such as those created from mold spores from the air within a given area.

Dry Ice Blasting
Dry ice blasting uses compressed air to propel dry ice pellets (compressed CO2) thru a dispersal gun aimed at the surface, which needs to be cleaned. The ice is delivered to the surface at a supersonic speed allowing energy transfer to knock off the contaminant. The cold temperature of the ice (-79C or -109F) creates thermal shock that breaks the bond between the contaminant and the substrate. As the ice penetrates the surfaces it turns back to gas and expands which helps push the contaminant off of the substrate as well. The ice sublimates back to gas leaving only the dead mold to be HEPA vacuumed.

Negative Pressure Containment
These systems contain and capture indoor air particles, mold spores and other contaminants and odors using a time-proven technique known as negative pressure particle containment.

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